Main Stage Production- The Alamo

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The World Premiere


Ian McRae’s

The Alamo

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Directed by

Kent Thompson

In the blue collar Bay Ridge section of Brooklyn sits a rundown neighborhood institution called The Alamo; the last great American bar. The owners, Munce and Carmen, along with some of their regulars watched, from the roof, as the World Trade Towers fell, taking down their relatives, friends, and neighbors. Today, with an aging clientele, the place is fighting to keeps it’s doors open and the only hope seems to be the arrival of artist/gentrifiers who are moving into the neighborhood and wanting to adopt the bar as an entertainment hangout. Bay Ridge locals and Alamo regulars don’t want to surrender their bar, much less their neighborhood, to these young neo-carpetbaggers without a fight. Touching on themes of, nativism, racism, and war, The Alamo paints a humorous yet heartbreaking portrait of eight working class Bay Ridge natives who always seem to find themselves on the front lines of change in America.

‘The Alamo’ will premiere with an all star cast led by 
Film/TV& Stage vet  Bobby Costanzo
Eileen Galindo* Tim True* Milica  Govich*
Kelsey Griswold, Julia Arian, Jack Merrill,  Nancy Georgini* &
John Lacy
Previews Begin February 16th, 2018 

The Cast of The Alamo


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