The World Premiere


Steve Mazur’s

Bad Habits

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Directed by

Mike Reilly


Orson Bean*
Alley Mills*
Lee Garlington*
Mouchette van Helsdingen
Jacquelin Lorraine Schofield*
Jacquelynne Fontaine*
Kelsey Griswold
Paul Denk
Jennifer Sagiao
Emily Anna Bell 
Julienne Green

The Sisters of St. Cyril’s are on a mission to prevent the closing of their convent and school. Might there be an “Almighty’ intervention to save them, in the form of a miraculous young woman named Maria? Or might God just sit this one out, leaving the Sisters to rely on their annual Christmas pageant fundraiser, which will be featuring a particularly surprising number? High adventure comedy, second to nun! 


Playwright Steve Mazur wrote the book for the Paul Overstreet musical “Sneaky Ole Time,” which debuted at the Ruskin in 2015. At RGT he has written over two-dozen L.A. Café Plays in the past five years, and his work is included in The Best of L.A. Café Plays. Steve has written or co-written the screenplays for “Liar Liar” (Jim Carrey), “Heatbreakers (Sigourney Weaver and Gene Hackman) for MGM, “Jingle All The Way II” at Fox, The Crooked E at CBS, “Phil” (Greg Kinnear), and the upcoming “Undercover Brother 2.

Though slightly irreverent, the story is warmly affectionate in its take on the life of a group of nuns dedicated to their underprivileged neighborhood. Steve Mazur’s script intertwines the folly of our imperfect human efforts with the mystery of the divine – it is both biting and joyous. The central questions: what is the nature of faith, whom should we serve, and what meaning, if any, can be discerned from the mysterious. All provide opportunities for the Sisters and their Bishop to make fools of themselves, while along the way discovering a deeper part of their own humanity. This is, ultimately, a life affirming, joyful play, says director Mike Reilly.

* * Produced under Actors Equity Showcase