The Gun

A struggling actor is in New York for a callback for a Broadway show. He’s staying in an upscale apartment with a successful childhood friend and his wife who are locked in a troubled marriage. After blowing his audition, the distraught actor happens upon a gun in an alley. Encouraged by a homeless vet, the actor accepts the gun as his own and becomes infused with supreme confidence. The ensuing action turns his lifelong friends job and marriage upside down while also flipping his fortune allowing him to return to the theater and land the role. His high comes crashing down however when the history of his found gun is revealed to him. Ultimately, the actor and his friend must come to terms with hard truths they have each repressed in order to move forward with their lives in a better place.

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 Josh Drennen, Austin Highsmith Garces, L. Emille Thomas, Moushette Van Helsdingen, Kevin Alai, Nina Brissey & Bill Ensley

Produced by John Ruskin and Mikey Myers, Production Manager- Michael Reilly

Stage Manager Nicole Millar, Set Design Hillary Bauman, Costume Design- Sarah Figoten Wilson, Lighting Design by Edward Salas, Original Music by Hannah Florek and Casting by Paul Ruddy