Library Girl

Library Girl


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Library Girl Presents: Ford Drives America
A Tribute to Poet Michael C Ford
Co-Curated with S.A. Griffin
10 Year Anniversary / Party + Show (!!)

Featuring readings of Ford’s work + performances by:
Linda Albertano, Laurel Ann Bogen, Paul Cummins,
John Densmore,
Michael C Ford. S.A. Griffin, Susan Hayden, Stephen J. Kalinich,
Phoebe MacAdams, Grace MacPherson, Hannah McCarthy,
Harry E Northup, Herb Schmidt, Mike Sonksen aka Mike the PoeT,
Mason Summit, Rex Weiner + Daniel Yaryan.

Sunday Night, October 13th. Party @ 6 PM. Show @ 7 PM

$10 Admission includes Tacos, Gorditas + Open Bar,
Cake + Other Desserts in Celebration of Mason Summit’s 23rd Birthday!

Advance Tickets Required. Limited Seating.

Library Girl is now in its 11th Year!
Created + Produced every second Sunday of the month by Susan Hayden.
Managing Director: Mike Myers. Production Support: Nicole Millar + Paul Denk.

All Proceeds Donated to Ruskin Group Theatre
Graphic by S.A. Griffin